Saturday, March 12, 2011

kiefer sutherland is a loud breather. have you noticed? i first noticed when he picked up the phone. after killing a teenage girl.  and i thought well he was probably just stressed from all the murder he had just done.  i noticed it again in the court room chalked that up to stress.i think there is something wrong with him maybe he does cocaine. but since i have not seen him do cocaine in a movie i don't know.  see he only exists in movies. he has to play the loud breather teen killer.  maybe the loud breathing is a part of his way of life.  if kiefer sutherland was  the big spoon and i was the small spoon it would be like i was sleeping in a wind tunnel.

Friday, March 4, 2011

two miserable people meet at a bar-
     no wait thats not right
two miserable people meet somehow
both put on the best show of their lives
at the end of their interactions
they leave each other on opposite sides of the planet
each being happy for at least a few hours
that they met someone not miserable