Sunday, February 27, 2011

i spend my days tall
walking around with large foot steps behind me
until i am involved in collisions
with invisible communications
that somehow shrink me
and i jump over wreckage
and i ignore the mourners as they weep
just to find the strongest pillar to stand on top of
i want to help every person
that i decide to care about
and usually i decide to care very quickly
so this may be a flaw
or maybe my feelings are misguided
i could be avoiding washing my hair
and my legs well they are hairy
i know this because television tells me
to wax all the hair off
do not worry i ignore them
or worry if you plan on seeing
my legs very soon
and you are used to tan smooth limbs
but i only feel slightly embarrassed
the thing is i am unapologetic

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the rockies slipped into my whiskey drink
sitting on the veridian table
it had rained veridian that day
and the opposition they were covered in red
not knowing that veridian and red
had been lovers since b.p [before pigment]
they turned grey and various shades of brown
and were ostracized from society
espcially mayans
because they loved everything that came from the sky