Tuesday, January 25, 2011

reading about art is interesting. no not stimulating. reading about art and then thinking you are supposed to act like an art critic or author tells you to is like taking advice about color from a person who does not see.  its like following empty words down a dark tunnel.  sure these words sound good. the letters look nice together and critics get points from pseudo intellectual people who actually do read dostoevsky. but points do not matter because this is not scrabble and there are no rules to break.  and dostoevsky is intolerable at best.  used as paper weights by most.  but i am an idiot. and i have even read the idiot.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

people i wish weren't dead

  • david foster wallace
  • robert rauschenburg
  • aliyah
  • henry darger
  • jean-paul marat
  • alexander mcqueen
  • ludwig wiggenstein
  • philip guston
  • sigmund freud
  • karl marx

Monday, January 17, 2011

one day a person wakes up and believes they are middle aged but they are 24.  they look around and are disappointed because none of their friends are anarchists.  this person themselves doesnt like the concept of anarchy to begin with.  when it comes to globalization of course the whole world does live in anarchy. but that is a different definition. this person realizes that all their friends are lazy, lazy and they smell bad.  they are not brilliant minded activists after all.  whats upsetting is all the hope that comes with being aware of your harsh realities goes out the window.  so this person falls asleep with the communist manifesto most nights. sure admittedly karl marx was far too utopian.  but the many different theories that sprung from this one is a great thing. it is the root of many things.  but the sad part is when the person updates their status saying "im sorry none of you are anarchists" this is read by all the above mentioned personalities. because some people are not actually people they are just personalities. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i broke up with you for kurt cobain
now dont be ridiculous
i know he died when i was younger
but you see i am now grieving the loss
and well chris along with his long blonde hair
and his heroin addiction
and the hot sweaty kissing we did both stimulated by well
was the most passion i had felt in a while
since before you

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sitting on a pile of borrowed bricks is stressful to say the least. you know bit by bit the pile gets smaller. and you know bit by bit to accommodate your situation you get smaller. so small you are hardly noticed anymore. and you are too weak to even make a home out of whats left.