Saturday, May 14, 2011

la diferencia entre tu y yo me quedo es lo que soy, no importa que me encanta.
¿Nunca se ha enfermado
de pretender amar a las cosas
por uno de otra persona?

dont kid yourself if you think you are anything more then alone

Mayan glifs where scribbled on the subway ads today. the shell and the triangle made perfect sense. except for the heart, the heart made no sense in the sequence.  in most cases the heart is used metaphorically and makes no sense rationally. biologically of course.  we the generation of alienation, are so desperate for  any sort of attachment we cling to each other like parasites. feeding on each others voids and insecurities. couples become one.  friends sound like each other.  and we pride ourselves on our original thoughts. but you don't see the 300 pound girl hanging out with the size 2's do you?
im no different

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

granite springs

the house that one
it was every one
even after the others moved in
we haunted them
with incredible memories
hope that overflowed in our mugs
silly languages no one else understood
eternal laughs lasted until the sun came up
only when our lids fell
we stopped laughing
for one second we stopped

Friday, April 29, 2011

i built a small city
in a small room
the city was so crowded
and i was the giant in this land
i walked in eights
being careful not to bump into
old memories in the dodgy part of town

Sunday, April 24, 2011

my hours
they work harder then they should
walking around avoiding things
they are powered by static
violently they never let the dust and the dirt settle
they exist in the past and in the future
often they dismiss today
they get stuck in the yesterdays and tomorrows

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i fell asleep listening to a record you said reminded you of me
and i listened to the ten minute song and not every line was perfect
not every line was a good match for me
and i am electrified about it all and i am sure you do not know
but the thing is not every line is always going to match me. and I'm not going to fit into every person i try on

Saturday, March 12, 2011

kiefer sutherland is a loud breather. have you noticed? i first noticed when he picked up the phone. after killing a teenage girl.  and i thought well he was probably just stressed from all the murder he had just done.  i noticed it again in the court room chalked that up to stress.i think there is something wrong with him maybe he does cocaine. but since i have not seen him do cocaine in a movie i don't know.  see he only exists in movies. he has to play the loud breather teen killer.  maybe the loud breathing is a part of his way of life.  if kiefer sutherland was  the big spoon and i was the small spoon it would be like i was sleeping in a wind tunnel.

Friday, March 4, 2011

two miserable people meet at a bar-
     no wait thats not right
two miserable people meet somehow
both put on the best show of their lives
at the end of their interactions
they leave each other on opposite sides of the planet
each being happy for at least a few hours
that they met someone not miserable

Sunday, February 27, 2011

i spend my days tall
walking around with large foot steps behind me
until i am involved in collisions
with invisible communications
that somehow shrink me
and i jump over wreckage
and i ignore the mourners as they weep
just to find the strongest pillar to stand on top of
i want to help every person
that i decide to care about
and usually i decide to care very quickly
so this may be a flaw
or maybe my feelings are misguided
i could be avoiding washing my hair
and my legs well they are hairy
i know this because television tells me
to wax all the hair off
do not worry i ignore them
or worry if you plan on seeing
my legs very soon
and you are used to tan smooth limbs
but i only feel slightly embarrassed
the thing is i am unapologetic

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the rockies slipped into my whiskey drink
sitting on the veridian table
it had rained veridian that day
and the opposition they were covered in red
not knowing that veridian and red
had been lovers since b.p [before pigment]
they turned grey and various shades of brown
and were ostracized from society
espcially mayans
because they loved everything that came from the sky

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

reading about art is interesting. no not stimulating. reading about art and then thinking you are supposed to act like an art critic or author tells you to is like taking advice about color from a person who does not see.  its like following empty words down a dark tunnel.  sure these words sound good. the letters look nice together and critics get points from pseudo intellectual people who actually do read dostoevsky. but points do not matter because this is not scrabble and there are no rules to break.  and dostoevsky is intolerable at best.  used as paper weights by most.  but i am an idiot. and i have even read the idiot.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

people i wish weren't dead

  • david foster wallace
  • robert rauschenburg
  • aliyah
  • henry darger
  • jean-paul marat
  • alexander mcqueen
  • ludwig wiggenstein
  • philip guston
  • sigmund freud
  • karl marx

Monday, January 17, 2011

one day a person wakes up and believes they are middle aged but they are 24.  they look around and are disappointed because none of their friends are anarchists.  this person themselves doesnt like the concept of anarchy to begin with.  when it comes to globalization of course the whole world does live in anarchy. but that is a different definition. this person realizes that all their friends are lazy, lazy and they smell bad.  they are not brilliant minded activists after all.  whats upsetting is all the hope that comes with being aware of your harsh realities goes out the window.  so this person falls asleep with the communist manifesto most nights. sure admittedly karl marx was far too utopian.  but the many different theories that sprung from this one is a great thing. it is the root of many things.  but the sad part is when the person updates their status saying "im sorry none of you are anarchists" this is read by all the above mentioned personalities. because some people are not actually people they are just personalities. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i broke up with you for kurt cobain
now dont be ridiculous
i know he died when i was younger
but you see i am now grieving the loss
and well chris along with his long blonde hair
and his heroin addiction
and the hot sweaty kissing we did both stimulated by well
was the most passion i had felt in a while
since before you

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sitting on a pile of borrowed bricks is stressful to say the least. you know bit by bit the pile gets smaller. and you know bit by bit to accommodate your situation you get smaller. so small you are hardly noticed anymore. and you are too weak to even make a home out of whats left.